Prodigy's mural idea came directly from youth during a series of Design Workshops. Youth from Swansea Rec Center, Goodwill and Youth on Record had a consistent call for a local muralist to design an exterior mural that reflected the culture of Elyria-Swansea as well as the mission of Prodigy. 

Inspiration for Prodigy's mural: 


1. The mural will set the tone that this is a community gathering space where long-time residents, community-minded neighbors and young professionals alike would want to come, rather than the typical hipster shop.


2. The bird in our logo is a quetzal (rare south american bird); We chose this to represent the fact that youth that work at Prodigy are these beautiful rare finds hidden in our community. This is the image we are most excited to use as inspiration for the mural. 

Thank You to Urban Arts Fund for supporting the creation of this mural with a 2016 grant!


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