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Virgyl's Top Ten Playlist of Wake-You-Up Songs

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Top Ten Songs to Wake You Up

By Virgyl Gerdine

My name is Virgyl Gerdine, and I'm from the Five Points area. I'm 19 years old and I am an SCA-certified barista at Prodigy Coffeehouse. I am set to graduate from the program at the end of March 2022. Something about Prodigy that I've noticed is the theme of caring. A few weeks ago, I came into work at a 3 because it was the anniversary of my brother's passing, but after having a real talk with my manager Emilia about what goes onin the Eastside and the problems we face as minorities, I left that conversation feeling like a 6.

Later, I wrote a song about these difficult feelings and showed my song to my other managers and educators, Marianne & Brady. They loved it, which improved how I was feeling about myself and music to an 8. This gave me the courage to show the song to my colleagues, who gave me great feedback to upload to Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music. I ended that week on a 11/10!!! Knowing the staff is there for me and cares for me shows me how important it is to surround yourself with positive people and a work environment that wanst to see your succes and growth.

Music is my passion and defines who I am as a person. Here at Prodigy, apprentices get to set the music for the shop. Sometimes the music is more chill, sometimes the music is more upbeat. Music helps to create a seamless flow for the apprentices and sets the mood for customers, from the chill vibes of R&B to the uplifting beat of rock ‘n roll. As an emerging artist myself, I love the storytelling aspect of music and coming up with melodies and beats that stay with the listener long after the song is finished. Here is my list of songs that help motivate me throughout the day:

Hustle & Motivate - Nipsey Hussle: This song will get you ready to start your morning. Nipsey inspires me because everything he was doing from music to his personal life was about hard work and pure motivation.

Not Afraid by Eminem: Play this song when there’s a rush and your teammates need that extra push to stay on track.

Gifted by Cordae: Play this song when you’re on the other side of a rush, and you can appreciate how well your team worked together.

Grinding All My Life - Nipsey Hussle: Play this song when you want to keep that same energy throughout the day and not lose sight of your goals (what kind of goals?).

Dedication - Nipsey Hussle: Play this song when you need a little extra motivation. Don’t be afraid to fill the gaps in the shop where you're needed. If you’re slacking, this is a great reminder to finish your day strong.

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