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I'll see you at the 46th Annual Denver March Powwow!

By Malinda Medina

This weekend, the 46th annual Denver March Powwow takes place here in Denver, Colorado. This is a gathering of all tribal Nations to come together to sing and dance. It’s a great environment to learn and experience new cultures and see what local Native organizations and artists are doing. There will be different age categories and multiple dance styles to see. In addition to dancing, they will be sharing stories, legends, and legacies of America indigenous people.

I've been dancing since 2013 at the age of 12. I started to dance in the Denver March Powwow in 2016 in a teen competition. I would go to dance practice after school and join a dance group called Medicine Heart Dancers. The group name Medicine Heart Dancer comes from the healing of are dances that we do. One of the dances I learned is called the Fancy Shawl dance. According to Butterfly Insight, the story goes: "A Native woman once lost her warrior husband. In sorrow, she went into a shell, like a cocoon. But soon she realizes that she must go on, and like a butterfly, emerges from her cocoon, in full flight to face the world with renewed hope and courage." This story has inspired me to take my personal growth at my own pace and realize how majestic and beautiful and transformative life can be. In order to get to that final stage, the butterflies have to stay in their cocoon and grow and focus on themselves in order to get their wings and actually expand.

Malinda performing the Fancy Shawl Dance

At the Denver March Pow Wow, you will get the chance to browse food and artisan vendors and see beautiful handcrafted artwork, pottery, quilts and beadwork made by the most skilled American indigenous craftsman. Chief Phillip Whiteman and Jhane Myers will be there to share storytelling on the significance of dance and music to the lives and culture of America's Indigenous people.

If you are interested in attending the Denver March Pow Wow, the event is taking place at Denver Coliseum 4600 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80216 from March 18-20th. You can also find me performing the Fancy Shawl Dance on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night from 8-10pm.

Storytelling will be taking place at the lower level. Time & Dates: Friday & Saturday 10 AM - 8 PM Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM


  • 6 and under are free

  • $7 per day

  • $20 for a 3 day pass

  • 60 years and older $3 per day - $9 for a 3 day pass

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