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Prodigy Apprenticeships

Personal Growth

Personal & Community Transformation

The Outcomes

Prodigy’s mission is to build skills, mindsets, networks and economic capital for sustainable careers. Our dashboard includes the following key performance indicators:


Built foundational skills for the new economy

These apprentices showed significant growth in the Essential Skills and Dispositions framework from the National Center for Innovation in Education.




Increased social capital

Increased earning power

This is the number one indicator of access to wealth above race, class, gender or education. All apprentices are a part of a wide network of professionals and interact with an average of 71 customers per shift. 

Apprentices earned $13-14/hour on average throughout the year.

Total earnings paid to apprentices in 2017 totaled $143,500 including training stipends and tips.10 have been promoted with raises and new responsibility.

Experienced healing

Our research points us to a model that prioritizes mental health and wellness programming alongside workforce development activities. We have adopted measurement instruments that align with Stanford's Measuring Mobility Toolkit.

our 2019 Annual Report is here!


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