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prodigy COFFEEHOUSE / globeville

4500 broadway DENVER 80216

The building at 4500 Broadway is a unique stand-alone, former motorcycle maintenance garage. This custom 2,000 square foot shop is full of light and spiritual hospitality. We are pulling shots on our Slayer LP, and serving up breakfast tortas, burritos, handheld waffles and ice cream affogatos. The space includes a community meeting space, outdoor patio, classroom and a Craft Coffee Learning Lab. 

We are humbled to be a part of Globeville.

Today, residents continue a rich, beautiful diversity and are striving to maintain what makes the Globeville community special: A diverse ethnic heritage, strong work ethic, and small-town neighborliness. Prodigy Board Member and longtime Globeville resident, Angela Garcia, describes it this way: “As a Globeville resident for most of my life, I’m so proud to live in this community, to live with neighbors who have such strength and tenacity, who work determinedly to make Globeville a place where the ancestors are proud to see that it is surviving and thriving - now and in future.”

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Event Rental

Book your next event at one of Prodigy's two locations.  Meeting space and after hours rentals available. 

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