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All online donations support general operating expenses. Each dollar donated is matched by $1 generated internally through coffee sales.


learn about special tax incentives

Your Gifts Go Further at Prodigy: Tax Incentives

Prodigy Ventures is included in the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program through the State of Colorado. This means that every financial gift to Prodigy over $250 is eligible for a 25% tax credit on state income tax. In-kind gifts are eligible for a 12.5% tax credit. Both individuals and corporations can take advantage of tax credits.


EXAMPLE: If you donate $1,000, you will receive a 25% tax credit. Thus, your out-of-pocket donation is $750 while Prodigy Ventures receives $1,000.

How it works:

Make a gift to Prodigy via check or credit card over $250. Or, make an in-kind gift valued at that amount or more.


Prodigy will request either your: FEIN, the last four digits of your social security number, or *Colorado Account Number. (Please refer to the easy step-by-step instructions below).

Please note: we are not allowed to process your donation for Enterprise Zone tax credit eligibility purposes without your FEIN, social security number, or your Colorado account number.

Prodigy reports your donation to the State of Colorado.

You receive a form DR0075 which you will file with your tax return to claim your tax credit. This means that the taxpayer identification number you provide to Prodigy Ventures must match the taxpayer identification number used to file your taxes.

Taxpayers can use their Colorado Account Number in place of their social security number, if preferred.

You file your taxes with the form DR0075. In most cases, you must file state taxes electronically. There are some exceptions to this rule.

You receive your return.

** For donations to qualify for 2018 tax credits, Prodigy Ventures must have the donor’s FEIN, Social Security number, or Colorado Account Number no later than January 1, 2019.**

STEPS TO REQUEST YOUR Colorado Account Number: This process only takes a few minutes

1. Go to

2. Click on: Request a Letter ID (listed under Additional Services)

3. Review the Purpose, Eligibility, and Information Needed to Continue and click: Next

4. In the ID Type drop down box select: social security number

5. In the boxes, fill in the primary taxpayer’s SSN, First Name, Last Name

6. On the bottom right click on: submit

7. You will receive a letter from the state that lists your Colorado Account Number

8. Please provide this number to Prodigy Ventures to allow us to process the paperwork for the Enterprise Zone state income tax credit


Please consult your tax advisor regarding your tax reporting obligations, including whether Form DR 0075 or a similar form must be submitted with your tax return, and any limitations that may apply to your ability to claim the credit.

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