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People like you across the country are giving to Prodigy because they want to build a world where young people activate their inherent greatness. Join us.

  • Each dollar donated is matched by $1 generated internally through coffee sales.

  • We'll share good news along the way of how your gift is creating transformational impact.

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what it costs:

An apprenticeship in a Prodigy enterprise costs approximately $17,000 per apprentice. The internal certifications, in the moment coaching, professional development mirror a year of technical college. Except Prodigy graduates are equipped to sustain a career and transform our city.

Revenue from our coffeehouse covers the additional costs of running an enterprise and the living wages earned during barista and shift-lead shifts.

Gifts from generous donors, like you, pay for the top notch training, support, job development, certifications, identity development, social capital building, and healing needed for an apprentice to experience sustained economic mobility.

Join us today in fueling apprenticeship and creating a more equitable economy.


Your Gifts Go Further at Prodigy:

Stocks and Bonds

Prodigy accepts gifts of stocks and bonds. To find out more contact Founder and Executive Director Steph Frances at

Tax Incentives

Prodigy Ventures is included in the Enterprise Zone Tax Credit program through the State of Colorado. This means that every financial gift to Prodigy over $250 is eligible for a 25% tax credit on state income tax. In-kind gifts are eligible for a 12.5% tax credit. Both individuals and corporations can take advantage of tax credits.


EXAMPLE: If you donate $1,000, you will receive a 25% tax credit. Thus, your out-of-pocket donation is $750 while Prodigy Ventures receives $1,000.